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Let”s talk about Electroneum [ETN]. I want to share with you my opinion

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  1. ag ree with you,i commented on 1 off those vids in which they weretalking about already this many users that there were probably alot of people like me who only downloaded it to mine free coins and see where it goes.i think the key for succes for etn is if they gonna be able to actually mine on your phone instead of the simulation mining.what ur thoughts?

  2. I just realized 99.9 % of altcoins are shitcoins. The only altcoins I still believe in are Ravencoin, Monero and Digibyte. The majority of these platforms and currencies won't survive as blokchain has nothing to do with centralization. XRP fanboys prepare to lose all of your money.

  3. Nah!!!! We would rather listen to Warren Buffet to stay away and move against people like ya that are always on FOMO and causing FUD, take a life man!!! We believe on ETN!!!! Eat your balls or not we don't give a FCK on your stupid opinions like the other stupid people other who pretends to know it all!!!

  4. Give us an alt coin team who can go toe to toe support compared to ETN with regards all the projects behind them, none can go go par with them… We know ya hate the ETN community but for godsake be professional… If ya can't find anything worth comparing to their projects, just keep your opinion to yourself… Just do constructive criticism and you'll be OK…

  5. So you are saying you got suckered in and now cause the whole market is down and the price is below the price you got in at your cranky. Dude this is a 2 to 5 year project. So many factors play on the price. Grow up, you could say this about most coins on the market, why flog this coin. You must be shorting. Your crying about the community negativity, yet you decided to join in and spread this pointless video knowing you would get a ton of views and comments. Using ETN as your platform is simply click baiting.

  6. Shitcoin with terrible tech and shady practices. Buzzwords abound, "mass adoption", "mobile miner" ex. Nothing of value, if you think a currency only cryptocurrency with a centralized supply/point of failure will be able to thrive alongside BTC, BCH, NANO, DASH and LTC then you are probably in the cult (it has the cringiest "communuty" in crypto, just look up some of the channels that are ETN only, every piece of news is good news and Richard Ells is a god) the sooner trashcoins like this fade away, the better.

  7. Great video man, very informative! Keep up the good work!

    I really like the vision of ETN, I've been following them since the start 🙂

    I'm trying my best to help newcomers to crypto on my facebookpage called "Cryptopia".
    My goal for this page is to guide beginners or more advanced traders/investors towards reliable sources of information.

    For example I won't spoonfeed you direct information about the IOTA project but I will post links to websites or other platforms where you can find reliable information about the project on your own.

    Like this concept? Be sure to drop by and let me know what you think!

    Have a nice day everyone! <3

  8. You don't know what you're talking about. Electroneum under price manipulation. Some exchanges have changed their rules on selling to try to stop this process. Get your facts.

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  10. HI AD, thanks for sharing your views. I can't like as I don't agree will all you said, but I won't down-vote either as you have some valid points. I feel you might be generalizing. Not all community members are like that. There is a view decent ones as wel. I agree there is a lot of ETN followers that makes unrealistic predictions. There's also a lot of them that cannot take criticism. Personally I just feel it is so visible due to the huge community. I think all crypto communities have their idiots, but most communities are much smaller and therefore less noticeable. I don't necessarily feel ETN has the best technology, but I respect and believe in Richard Ells. You can see he is doing his best, and I think he is going about it the right way. Only time will tell. Thanks again, I enjoy your channel.

  11. I dunno man. I mean did you really just link the low price of ETN to fanboys downvoting your video? And for every shill that ETN has is a FUDDER, which doesn't make it any different than any other coin. There's just more of them since the community is bigger. The fact that most of the projects and partnerships ETN is working on are moving forward means that ETN isn't derailing. I'm not gonna pretend that ETN has been performing much worse than other crypto. Still, I don't doubt that this is only temporary. This is crypto afterall. We're in it for the long run.

  12. I was an ICO backers. Sold about half of mine off when it hit it's ATH at around .16 cents. I still have a pile but I've made my money and I feel I can be objective. ETN has made a lot of mistakes and it's absolutely hated by the more tech oriented crypto community so it may be difficult to find positive news about it. With ETN you are not investing in the tech, you are investing is marketing and the team's business acumen. This is why I went in, the power of marketing can brainwash the feeble minded masses into anything. Look at Apple; they sell overpriced computers with a logo on them. The ETN price is low because it's dumped by miners and the crypto community who are a fickle bunch. Just look at the once beloved NANO chart to see tech hype investing in action.

  13. I think etn does want to add value to the world, they have some noble goals as an example, helping the productive unbanked. If they can create a usable currency in these sections of the world that have no access to digital money that alone will be impressive. Cryptos are very speculative but we need to see it put into so real world uses so hopefully they can do that.

    I just hope that the asics mining doesn't kill off electroneum before it even begins. It won't matter if we can get to a point of demand outstripping the supply but until then its a steady decline.

  14. Enigma(ENG) is definitely Ethereum's missing part to solve problems of scalability and privacy.
    It is only a matter of time before more companies large and small realize the value of Enigma's solutions.
    As a key stakeholders of ENG I've never thought of selling my ENG even in a bear market.
    Look how Enigma has own working product and partnered with Intel.
    Only time will tell. Let's wait and see.

  15. ETN is a one to two year hold, might sell in January if it's over $0.20, and then buy more during an inevitable dip. Once the live payments and vendor options are live in developing countries we should see a nice bump.

  16. 4:14 No – I beg to differ NOT toxic, hopeful – optimistic – positive – unshaken – believing – courageous – unfailing – winning – generous – kind – flawless – spirited – dutiful – enigmatic – crazy – vital – mass adopting – fabulous…etc etc

  17. Altcoin Daily, the FUD attacks caused the sell off, not the “fanboys”. Until they deliver, all crypto projects value rises with hype and lowers with FUD. Just how it is.
    It puts things into perspective when you think about all the incredible news ETN team came out with and the lack of warranted price rise.

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