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All the latest bitcoin news presented this week by Roger Ver, CEO of and Corbin Fraser, one of the lead developers at This was filmed at Zushi beach an hour or so away from Tokyo as part of a Bitcoin Cash meetup.

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This episode showcases several special guests including several long time bitcoiners and team members at Mei Yamaguchi, the ONE FC mma fighter also makes an appearance.

Show Notes

► 1. Block Battle – a televised developer competition taking place in in Korea

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► If you want to build on top of the Bitcoin Cash protocol we recommend you check out our tools, guides and API’s at

►Jeffrey Tucker Handing Out Bitcoin Cash at the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy – Check out the Bitcoin Cash Fund’s Youtube channel to watch the video. Video shows how fast, cheap, and effortless sending and receiving Bitcoin Cash. Visit if you’re interested in checking out the Bitcoin Embassy in Atlanta.


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►Thailand’s largest movie theater chain, Major Cineplex begins accepting Bitcoin Cash

► launched – is the REST layer for’s Cloud. More info: REST layer is for Bitcoin Cash only.

► New Paper Wallet launched on

► Peaceful Warrior Cash movement

►Tweet at and tell them why Bitcoin Cash is the future.
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► New Exchange – Bitcoin Cash base pairs on the entire exchange. They’ll also have British Pound trading pairs. Based in the UK and supporting the London Bitcoin Cash meetups and community.

► FuzeX debit card drops BTC and will be using BCH instead

►Lil Windex’s Bitcoin Ca$h video has now received over 1 million views on youtube.

► Yenom launched BitcoinCashKit for iOS developers – The BitcoinCashKit library is a Swift implementation of the Bitcoin cash protocol. Expect new iOS apps with Bitcoin Cash soon thanks to this repo.

► A survey conducted by Sage finds: 31% of Employees Would Accept All or a Portion of Their Salary in Crypto eir-salary-in-crypto-survey-finds/

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  1. The Bitcoin Cash Independence Day/Birthday was a time to reflect on the huge technological strides Bitcoin Cash has made over the past year since it's inception! 🚀Looking forward to the 10 year anniversary to see how global adoption of Bitcoin Cash has changed the world for the better.

    It is truly incredibly to see the strength of the Bitcoin Cash community and how loud and proud everyone is 🙌 -> Yes that includes You! 👐Whether it be the coders – developers, business developers, ambassadors, users, marketers, or just plain ol' Bitcoin Cash advocates. We're a growing community that are outspoken and we really are changing the world! So pat yourself on the back for doing good in the world.

    Any questions for Roger? Post them below and they may be answered on the next video! ✍✍

  2. Keep the good work up Roger and all the team and all supporters, investors, users of Bitcoin Cash. All the skeptics and negative angry people out there towards BCH need to stop crying and invest in Bitcoin Cash as its the true BITCOIN striving to better the world.

  3. Where can I get Rogers t-shirt? Neither the black (with the white japanese print on the sleeve) or the white "flippening" is available in the store. I'm also interested in the green/white Japanese navy flag one and the one with the doves.

  4. On your words Roger, I’m selling some bitcoin for bitcoin cash. Hope my holdings are better there. What I would like to do is accept bitcoin cash on my web page. I use stupid Big Commerce and don’t think there is a plug-in. If anyone has an idea how to incorporate please share. I appreciate it

  5. Complete BS! It was a $100K grant, not $1MM and was so they could provide the payment system free to local businesses in regional towns to help them build international tourism capabilities and work with small businesses who can't afford merchant facilities. You bash them and then ask them to accept BCH? The lies you spin for your own benefit are truly remarkable.

  6. hey is what i think..great u promote BCH but BTC is too valuable..i see BTC as commodity and BCH as currency…so BTC acts as store of value and investment vehicle where bch is payment money…simple ..the more people store their BTC the more it will rise and the more BCH is used the more it will too raised..BTC may be hijacked by blockstream but we cant neglet it…

  7. 16:30 脱いで、脱いで、脱いで、脱いで!
    16:35 じゃあ、いいよ❤
    16:39 いい体なんでしょうねっ!

    16:54 リップル持ってた
    16:57 リップルねぇ、上がるらしい
    16:59 上がらないの?下がるの?

    17:27 わたしね~わたしね~、外人と付き合いたい

    17:45 ハーフ産みたい。天使のような子供産みたいの、あたし。

  8. Hey Roger, you are doing the right thing, Merchant adoption is the key to having Bitcoin (by Bitcoin I mean Bitcoin Cash of course as BTC is no longer Bitcoin) take over the world as the primary currency. Way to go, I feel like I'm a part of something early, doesn't this feel like 2011 again?

  9. I very much appreciate spreading the word that government fiat is flawed and we need a decentralized currency. BCH has completely misguided ideas about scaling, but it doesn't really matter. Once people get introduced to a cryptocurrency, it will be quite easy for them to switch to BTC once it will become obvious that BCH can't scale.

  10. Roger, okay here's a comment/question for the next video: With the increasing amount of merchants and individuals dropping BTC and using BCH, wont that entirely nullify and make completely irrelevant the propaganda and BCH bashing bots? Where then, more and more people and businesses will see right through it immediately and join in on using BCH? Since the more adoption there is in the face of the propaganda, the wider disconnect there will be between what they are saying about Bitcoin Cash and what's actually happening in the real world! It will be obvious, real people will be like hey this doesn't match what's happening in reality what these online 'people' are saying, and so it will be clearly visible that it's an orchestrated effort trying to shy people away from BCH even to the laymen! Anyone can already see that if they research into it, but at that point they won't even have to simply the driving market forces will make it crystal clear! 🙂 Thanks!

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