Do you think the OWNER of the NYSE might know a little something about running a stable, regulated exchange?? Me too! And it’s coming this fall. While I think this is GREAT news for the price of Bitcoin in the SHORT-TERM (at least), I also think it could be FANTASTIC NEWS for XRP. XRapid REQUIRES a strong and stable source of liquidity for world markets. Who better to provide such a thing here in the U.S. than the people who run the New York Stock Exchange? While this has not been announced as part of its plans as of yet, I could certainly see how they could move in this direction, based on market appeal.

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  1. Great video DM thanks! Brad Garlinghouse has said on numerous occasions he is Long Bitcoin and for the CEO of Ripple who is involved with many high level discussions with other CEO's of large companies/banks to say that about another coin means he understands and sees future growth for Bitcoin. For that reason alone I also own some Bitcoin along with my xrp holdings

  2. The magic for XRP will be the more crypto get mainstream the more XRP grows exponentially. When other blockchains try to get a piece of the pie, Ripple and XRP will be already established dominating all financial transactions through xRapid and Interledger

  3. As soon as BTC hits $20k, then retail investors can suddenly realize that their asset takes days to get sent and costs over $30. All the hype and institutional money in the world can't overcome that. Once BTC's inadequacies hit the headlines again, it's over with. That's why I believe BTC's run will be very short lived and XRP will eventually reap the most benefit from Institutional money.

    With SBI gearing up to use XRP for their forex exchange and XRapid going prime time with first banks end of year, XRP will take the #1 spot by market cap by the end of the year. I don't mind holding 1-3 years until my $100 Mark is hit so I'm investing in the long-term winner, not a useless asset that's the litteral equivalent of a ponzie-s scheme.

  4. DM, love your vids bro.
    BUT i will have a friendly bet with you. i believe BTC will go in the opposite direction. The world is just starting to questions the massive amounts of energy it takes to mine and more and more countries are rejecting applications for hydro energy to run mining farms and more and more retailers are not accepting it. no m8 can't see the rosy future you can see. I think you have been hood winked like the rest of the BTC shillers. GOOD LUCK YOU WILL NEED IT.

  5. I still don’t get it DM. That’s fine if institutional investors want to day trade and speculate on the massive ups and downs of BTC, but most of the smart investors I k ow don’t gamble. And Wall Street believing in the dollar is radically different than believing in BTC. The two beliefs are not comparable. Our world society has a belief system built around the dollar for decades. But the again I am not interested in trying to figure out what the market will do with a fast fading technology like BTC just to hopefully make a quick buck. And I bet most of your viewers are not willing to lose money. I would rather invest in the future with utility and wait it out.

  6. So you think it’s more likely that BTC will go 6x ($42,000 which is twice it’s ATH) than for XRP to go 6x ( which is $2.50 far less than its ATH) by the end of the year? No disrespect but I don’t see it. Don’t forget that with BTC’s dominance if BTC goes to $42,000 it will pull the alts along with it. Impossible for me to believe that BTC could go to 42,000 without XRP increasing 8-10x (or more) it’s current value.

  7. Nothing against holding btc but a bullish argument for btc isn’t necessarily a bearish argument for xrp, unless you believe xrp/btc will depreciate meaningfully. I guess that’s always possible, but xrp/btc is about 65% from its highs already and is showing some signs of stabilizing here. Do you think it’s heading a lot lower?

  8. I think xrp should go live or at least be used by some body
    Or the s e c should put there foot down because if it's not being used by any one
    All it is Is a avenue for ripple to make money please let me know your thoughts on my comment

  9. This is more of a bias perspective versus realistic. Nothing will collapse the US dollar because it is backed by a war machine that forces you to adopt. instead of replacing bitcoin or fiat the solution is efficiency with safety. XRP may not make it because it is a unlimited supply. Doesn't that remind you of a nations currency we know. People do you own research before you jump off the deep end. I'm a bag holder of XRP for one reason only because it is under valued

  10. Love your videos and clarity – simple and clear delivery. Could you please consider doing a video presenting your views on the total supply of xrp and whether this matter when it comes to price potential as a lot of comments out there refute a massive spike in price due to the supply levels (100bn) and the implications on market cap. Other school of thoughts on this. This could be an interesting debate and one that your followers would no doubt value – thank you!

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