Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Crypto News Today: The Bitcoin price has recently dropped, so the question is, where is the Bitcoin bottom? I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!


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  1. Hey carl! man you are helping me a lot man! for real after watch you every morning while I go to work, now I feel more confident to invest in btc! And its funny because now I started to make money in short moves following the charts.. I used to only buy btc and wait for the price get high, and now I got me doing trades in about 4 times a day.. Its perfect man for real keep it up!

  2. Thank you for keeping us updated even on holiday! I was going to open long at 6800 but the bear flag stopped me. Moreover as everybody expects this to hold, makes it a perfect spot for whales to manipulate the price, we will see what happens. Have fun!

  3. It's already started. All these VCs and big companies saying they will use blockchain, but they are building their own, dont let the alts like XLM/XRP fool you.

    Microsoft bought out GitHub. They're basically going to make stock or forex versions and each company will have its own blockchain, as inefficient as that sounds. You know Wall st? Block st now.

    The only one to survive will be BTC/LTC but even then Lightning Network is 100% controlled by Blockstream, another corporation.

    Good luck out there. I'm thinking people will flock to XMR to rebel, but even that is on GitHub….

  4. Enjoy your vacation of sorts. You seemed all buttoned up unlike us hiding from a sun tan because we are native Barbadians and its always sunny here. One reason we are seeing some Blockchain companies setting up in Barbados. Hit the likes and subscribe guys. Hallam in always sunny Barbados. @caritel on twitter.

  5. Jamie dimon is stupid for saying that he doesn't like bitcoin but like blockchain… truly he doesn't understand this technology. It's the same as saying I like the intranet but I don't like the internet.

  6. Jamie POS is just driving down the price to make it cheaper for him to buy it…He took bank bail outs like a pos he is when people in the middle were losing every thing they had put their money into..He says things in order to make people spend and lose their money while he sucks it up….Him and Warren Buffet are the worst of the business community..

  7. Dear Carl
    and Comunity out there 🙂 Thinking That in order for bit coming to Grow and become a sustainable alternative system reality to the bank system, we the community have to believe on BTC even "before" the price goes to the moon or when is down, so we put our money where our wish is and our Objective, to become an Action that influence regardless of the amount we are able to contribute with.
    what counts the most for the eventual manifestation of Value of Btc is our strong confidence in it again and again until comes trough we are powerful beings beyond what we may think we know and each of us with our Energetic been is Contributing for this to come forth regardless of the money we have and had put in is far more valuable our field when tuned in wich the fiscal response will soon then follow.
    Never the less to support already helps to the rise to be obvious to the masses so the may join too, so this can serve for the benefit of ALL ✧☍☀️🌈🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️🦌🐘⚡️

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