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  1. I originally said 50 to 60 then rise. however on the weekly chart one massive bear flag has shown its ugly head. 30 to 40 is possible I will load up on LTC on way down if that's the case.

  2. 90% of start ups fail, so I assume 90% of alt-coins will die off, on the tech side we only need a few scalable blockchains for information, data, dapps and business. Than a currency to use in transactions and back up the value of cryptos.

  3. Altcoins are prevented from trading independently of bitcoin because exchanges do not have fiat pairings alts, forcing people to trade their alts into BTC when it's time to sell and vice versa. BTC is just a middleman and that's why BTC is so much higher than alts all the time. People have no choice but to first trade through BTC

  4. The institutions are now in control. The great news about this is that they won’t allow relevant vehicles of investment to become irrelevant. They simply create bulstering news events- such as… Get ready for it… Global ATM hack expected in the coming days. Gee, I wonder which way cryptos will go. Lol! Buy buy buy buy buy! 2nd-3rd week in December will make you supremely giddy. Have patience children.

  5. The fact that the original Bitcoin is still the Big Dog, even though many later coins must be technically superior, is a clear sign that longevity and name recognition are big factors in this market. For that reason I expect the seven year old Litecoin to be one of the survivors. When new ventures launch, BTC, ETH and LTC are the three coins that are always included.

  6. A friend of mine is asking, what are the variables that your support levels include? He was mentioning things like the price of electricity for mining and the hashing power of a given algorithm for example, but you don't seem to include those.

  7. Just want to mention if you held through April you're down almost 75%
    Let that sink in
    A large majority of investors have been wiped out. And there is no end in sight. How many support levels do we have to break for people to see this?

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