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There is blood in the street…but Bitcoin is here to stay. Let me share with you why.

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***NOT financial advice. Just opinion.

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  1. in early January almost everyone was talking about the moon and looked what happened, now we are moving to the other direction where the masses of sheep think we are going to zero, give this 2 or 3 more weeks of bleeding and this will reverse before you are all ready

  2. About 3 months ago today I bought my very first piece of Bitcoin, unsure of what I was getting into. Well, at that point I had been researching and watching videos about what Crypto is and how can I buy some. I was really excited because I love the thought of investing your money and watching it grow; but I had never been able to find ways to actually do that until I saw on several occasions, Bitcoin Ben and some majority of the videos uploaded on Altcoin Buzz channel made references about a Pro Trader WARREN STOWE* who has an affordable Strategy to show thousands of investors out there loosing because they lack the knowledge to trade their Bitcoin, they also dropped his contact in the comment section, So I was moved to write him and seek for his help, Gracefully Warren’s strategies and instruction has helped me in increasing my portfolio from 2.3BTC to *11btc, Feel free to contact Mr Warren Stowe for assistance, He’s God sent, You can reach on *Email/hangout : warren.a.stowe @gmail. com or *Telegram : Cryptowiz109 *Whatsapp : +1 (904) 419-3234?

  3. Fuck this…. al coins have jewish logos.. and 1700 different coins just dropped 20% because of no reason a week ago this happend also!! This shit is rigged! I lost 50% in 2 weeks in a entire portofolio spreading over 23 different coins including bitcoin…

    So now the question to ALL investers…

    WHERE did that 20% weeklydrops come from?? Who is cashing that out of the market!?? It sure didn't dissapear into thin air!

    Not finding anwser on internet so far,only buy buy buy info… like always. Starts to smell like propagenda to me….

  4. hola  gracias for your very high Energythe Inter-net and Cell phones .of course all of the amazing within the advancement of and within technologies will be around,Forsure BITCOIN falls within thisgracias STICKS WIZZARD DRAGON

  5. This volatile market has only gone down for months ,volatility works both ways ,dont be surprised if we suddenly boom .This market is very small and can easily shoot up as we have seen before.

  6. Bull Run is coming I am buying in every single day – good buy to my opinion now is Steem – and Steem is also here to stay as they are the only crypto that has working projects and real usecase so as community.

  7. I am loading up on everything 50 dollars here , 30 dollars there and 100 dollars over there. Surely when the bull run arrives a couple of grand spent RIGHT NOW will be worth 50 , 60 ,70 grand if not more .

  8. As a fairly enlightened trader I never had to do more than HODL my bitcoins which isn't too profitable as dip in prices can adversely affect value. It was made known to me by Hurley Jordan that it was possible to trade or invest your coins to make instantaneous gains without having to wait for rise or dip in prices. I currently earn good profits investing my bitcoin and ALT coins with his system

  9. Lindy effect, interesting. BITCOIN, The King, The Queen, The Godfather, The Ruler, The Bomb, The Boss, call it whatever you want, but it is # 1. An That Is It. Just Married BTC with a Great Wife AltCoin like DigiByte, and you will have LOTS OF MONEY, by the year 2020, I mean LOTS OF MONEY, Great Content Video, Peace

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