1. Perpetualassets YouTube Jim Willie interview part 2 at 11 minutes. Disneyland Florida, 700 children goes missing every year. It's supposedly a sovereign entity like the Vatican, Florida police have no jurisdiction over there..!

  2. With Bix promoting this, I am convinced that Bitcoin is the way to go. I am starting to do the opposite of what he and Bo Polny are doing. Considering selling LTC for Bitcoin or Digibyte. I also think I will buy some EOS by selling my silver.
    #do the opposite

  3. I sincerely hope you are right about litecoin. I have been a long time fan of the coin and held onto much of my bag, even though my gut told me to sell when Charlie Lee divested. And contrary to the white knight narrative, the LTC foundation is not well financially and Charlie openly admits he sold to seize upon the opportunity to become independently wealthy. For the average investor, more power, but Charlie has positioned himself as the voice of LTC…..he still does.

  4. Yes I see ltc as the king as the whole world will use it now paypal master card and the FED have bought into the lightning labs. They will promote this coin like crazy when the system is set up

  5. My goal is to get to 84 LTC so that only 1 million people can have as much or more then me of LTC’S I figure if we’re around 7 billion humans and 1/3 are to young or to old to purchase and the other 1/3 doesn’t have enough fiat to invest or are not interested there are still more then 2 billion of people that can all of a sudden realize this and start loading up on LTC , I also think sometimes all the rich people there are in this world ( sports athletic , actors, singers , well paid jobs , business owners there are literally millions of people that can dump millions of dollar in the matter of a few clicks of a mouse 🐁 I truly believe with this lightning network and all the community behind this coin the potential can and will be life changing ( not financial advice lol ) people talk about bitcoin being 1 million dollars and LTC will be 1/5 of btc I tell myself with 84 LTC AT 1/5 btc that’s more then 15 BTC all to say that around 5000.00$ gets you 84 LTC and one day will be over 15 million dollar hopefully I’ll have my 84 LTC BAG in no time👍🤞🙏😀

  6. Bix said JPM owns 1 billion ounces of physical Silver. If JPM really has 1 billion ounces this is what we call an overhang. If there is such a Huge overhang of supply coupled with unlimited supply of Paper Silver, the result will be Silver is not going higher anytime soon !

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