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  1. Every 10 years the stock market corrects/crashes or some financial event causes it. (Housing, Savings and loans) We are way overdue.
    Also you really need to read up on your history if you are going to quote something look it up. Google was invented for a reason.
    It wasn't the Newspaper boy is was the shoeshine boy. Here let me help you. http://archive.fortune.com/magazines/fortune/fortune_archive/1996/04/15/211503/index.htm
    The reason why more people are aware is because news travels the speed of light that wasn't the case just 20 years ago. It's also why News organizations if you can call them that get stories wrong. They want to be first even if they are wrong. it's about being first and getting the first set of eyes, which means more advertising dollars. Follow the money.

  2. Yes & no …. More will come to crypto if dollar falls which it will. However if it's a total explosive crash, something bad happened. & there won't be internet & we all would need to be in bunkers. & with no internet no crypto then gold and silver will take over. Now if it falls slowly correction with the debt based currency then yes crypto takes over. People will want to protect there wealth. & flee too BTC & LTC

  3. Huge difference between houses and BTC as investments. House prices will always be tied to average income, and for that reason will always be prone to booms and busts. Crypto has no such anchor holding it down, and for that reason has no upper limit on its potential price.

  4. Omg dude you make me feel old lol. I just turned 37 although Im thankful to still look young and attract younger guys. I recommend hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to maintain your youth. Start using this stuff now so when youre 37 you still look young-people think I am 29-30 and I started my skincare regimen at 32.
    Anyways, back to the subject lol : The bubble is independent of cryptocurrency. As a former futures and options broker, the 2008 crash killed my former carreer and credit and other people are still recovering from 2008 almost 11 years later. However, as a former broker I gained an understanding of the markets and economy.
    The Dow has more than tripled since 2008, housing prices are on the rise, interest rates are low but going higher, the US dollar is at all time highs. Consumer goods are expensive despite the strength of the US dollar. People are starting to default on their subprime mortgages again. Its very simular to the early 2000s. The economy is cyclical. This is a bubble thats going to burst. Had people not panicked and sold off their stocks and defaulted on their mortgages during the 2008 crash, in general, they would be in great shape today. (I traded stock market index futures and options-of course individual stocks need to be looked at individually and housing prices vary according to location) Everything is due for a correction. I used to think crypto was inversely correlated with the US dollar but with tje correlation of Tether pumps and cryto price increases I no longer think that this is the case.(Plus when bitcoin is down its down in every fiat currency value.)When the.next economic collapse occurs, everything may go down, potentially including cryptocurrency as well. People and banks ran out of money in 2008 While diehard crypto enthusiasts are against banks and fiat, you need fiat to increase crypto prices. When I was a broker in 2008 less people were willing to invest. I think forex will be one way to circumvent the next crash.
    For example, I remember when 2 Euros=1 USD back then. I am thinking about opening a forex account and trading fiat currency on a small scale
    I had more $ at 25 than now at 37 because of all the debt I incurred during the récession. Had I not payed off 2/3rds of my debt before going bust, Id probably have 100k to 200k saved in fiat. People still are recovering from 2008. Despite the US dollar's current strength, current economic policy is not improving the lives of ordinary Americans.
    In the early 90s and 2000s 100-250k/yr income was upper middle class for a family of 4 and 50 k was middle class. 50k is now lower class. Its more difficult to save money now.
    Nowadays, 100k for a family of 4 is lower middle class. I think the news on the economy is fake
    Only business owners are benefiting from Trumps economic policy(not being political here I dislike Clinton as well)One lesson I learned is you can make money in any economic setting. In 2008 gold and silver went up and if you had shorted crude oil or went long the EUR/USD you wouldve been very wealthy. You can short the stock market indices or just hold until your investments rebound. Id rather take advantage of the situation than hodl my life.
    This is a huge bubble thats going to burst. In addition to forex, I think shorting traditional markets will be the best way to take advantage of the next downturn but crypto has nothing to do with it. During a récession people have less money which could actually brong crypto prices down
    As soon as I have cash, Im taking advantage of this strong dollar. Currently I have 99% of my money in crypto. I always invest now even if it means being late on the phone bill(one benefit to having terrible credit is when its bad it doesnt matter as much lol)And investing.com is spot on for trading forex (been practicing with a demo acct). Given the current economic environment, the only path to wealth now is to invest. Saving fiat is becoming more difficult. We need to use existing fiat to make more fiat.

  5. Im well over 40. I don't quite understand what the question is but all I can say is I'm all in. For me it's all or nothing. My last chance at half decent living. I'm hoping for a huge bubble and play it like a fiddle.

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